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I read a message diverted by clairvoyant Lauren C Gorge that talked about new trend setting innovations for Ascension that are destined to be accessible on Earth. What this new trend setting innovation is and how we get to it is the subject of this article. On the whole, an extract of Lauren’s diverting portraying the new innovation as a riddle or conundrum probably for individuals to attempt to make sense of is incorporated beneath. The Unseen’s might want to give us a snappy heads up that there are new and trend setting innovations that are soon to penetrate the Earth plane, praises of the actually yet-to-be-found God molecule. Clearly, something is going to blast forward and split the whole establishment of human understanding as it exists inside the 3D worldview and based on what I am hearing, this would not look good for some composed religions. I could not be right; however the inclination I am getting is that whatever this is will be considerably more affecting than the acknowledgment that Mary Magdalene was not a prostitute.

new technology

 Be cautioned that there will be the individuals who upbraid fiendish these new advances in dread of strict partisanship. The voices of these cooperatives will ascend to the surface to be heard by every one of. the individuals who passionately object are the individuals who dismiss any headway that compromise their comprehension of God. These changes are not out of the ordinary however we guarantee you that those for new advances will far outperform the incensed not many. – – Lauren C Gorge, Telepath, June 23, 2011 Right off the bat, I have to advise peruses that by new advances, the Unseen’s do not mean new PC show frameworks or another web based life stage – in spite of the fact that headways in such territories will keep on being made. What they are alluding to are new inward advancements that actuate one’s association with one’s higher self and to God.

new technology

In any case, for what reason do the Unseen’s converse with us in such riddles. I can guarantee you they do not talk in puzzles since they are being mean or misleading or attempting to be interesting. This is on the grounds that making sense of a mind-blowing riddle and of human life is really one of the assignments you pursued on your way of Ascension. They are essentially helping you satisfy your life plan the one your higher self set up for you to encounter before you manifested in this lifetime. Let me put it another way. You needed this experience. Making sense of a riddle places you in a thoughtful and open mode, accordingly helping you initiate your association with your imaginative self- – your higher self- – which is the general purpose.

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